I Needed to Feel Better Quickly Again So That I Could Keep Working

I was home from work one day when a TV ad for a group of Sacramento chiropractors came on the TV. It caught my attention because I was home due to back trouble. I know that my boss was really irritated by the amount of time I had missed at work because of it. I had been afraid that I might lose my job as a result. Due to the pain, I found myself moving very slowly on the couch so that I could sit up, and then I grabbed my phone so that I could call the number in the TV ad to make an appointment. I was desperate because I could not afford to lose my job.

I like to have fun with my friends.

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A Career Change Came About for Me in a Surprising Way

Going to a chiropractor in Bakersfield CA for ongoing treatment is what spurred me to become one myself. I had been stuck in a dead end job for years, and he did such a good job with my treatments that it inspired me to want to help others with their pain, too. It did not matter to me that I was 45 years old. I knew that I was still young enough to make a fresh start in life career-wise. I was not making enough money working as a secretary and I was unhappy working for tyrant bosses. I thought that it would be nice to work with another chiropractor in a shared office. It’s funny to think that pain is a major part of what turned my head toward a better career.

I had been in a car accident in my thirties.

I Dared to Be Stupid

I really need to stop taking dares from my friends. We’ve always dare each other to do some things. Somethings these things are a little harmless, and other times they can be a little bit dangerous. The most recent dare I was asked to do by my friends involved a tree. We were walking around and saw a tree on the side of the street. My friends dared me to do a pull up on one of tree’s limbs. I did, and the limb snapped, causing me to fall. After that I needed a Sacramento chiropractic professional to look at my back.

The snapping tree branch caused me to land right on my back. I was lucky that I didn’t hit my head when I came down, or I would have gotten a more serious injury that might have resulted in some stitches. As I hit the ground, my friends laughed at me, but when they realized that I was having trouble getting up, they rushed over to help me up. They walked me back down the street and we got in the car.

Getting a Massage Helps His Back

When my husband would have a hard day at work, I would give him a massage that night before we went to sleep. Sometimes, I would have to give him one as soon as he got home because he would be in pain. My massages have always helped him in the past, but recently he started telling me that his back was still hurting even after one of my massages. I was worried that something was wrong, so I went online and did a search for a Sacramento chiropractic clinic. I wanted to find a reputable chiropractor to see him to determine if there was a problem that we needed to be concerned about.

I was able to find one easily enough, and I was even happier to find that there was an online special that we would be able to take advantage of that included an examination and X-rays for a fraction of the normal price. I was even able to schedule the appointment online, and it was my husband’s turn to be happy when I told him that he could go to the doctor to be seen that same week.

Taking Care of My Back Pain Helped Me Do My Job Better and Get a Promotion

I started out rubbing my neck after sitting at a keyboard at my new job for four hours at a time. The boss had to tell me to get up and go to the bathroom or go for a walk. It is what some of us coders do. We sit and get into a flow of writing and forget about time. Then, over the next few months, my upper back started to hurt even off the job. I knew I needed to exercise more, but at least I was eating right and not gaining weight. An Orland Park chiropractor was helping me with my back problems, and I was able to bring in my portion of the projects earlier than projected.

Staying Stress Free is Important in My Line of Work

A woman at work told me how her Santa Rosa chiropractor was helping with her stress levels. I had been telling her that I was exhausted from the amount of work that my new position in the company brought about. I really wanted to figure out how to keep pushing and moving in the new position, and I was concerned that would not happen if I didn’t figure out a way to manage my very high stress levels. She said that she really thinks that I would be better off going to see him as soon as possible. She felt there is no sense in suffering and finding that you ruin your job or lose a client after it’s too late.

I had been wanting the position that I had ever since I came to the company that I worked for. I wanted to be the international purchasing manager. I had been a manager for years, and I started out in a purchasing department at a young age. But I never had the added stress of needing to continuously fly overseas to visit different wholesale manufacturers.

Getting Mental and Physical Help from My Chiropractor

The stress of every day life is something that we must all deal with. However, some of us handle it better than others. I know this for a fact, because I have been in both camps. I have let stress and anxiety take over my life for years, and I was not happy at all with the person I had become. It was not until I started seeing a San Rafael chiropractor for a neck injury from a car wreck that I learned that there are effective ways to manage stress and anxiety, and that has changed my life completely.

It is almost impossible to change how life is, because there is just no way anyone can control the millions of random events that happen every day. However, there is a way to change how we react to them. I had no idea that chiropractic care involved so much, because I honestly thought that it was just for people who were hurting from physical pain, like my neck was from the car wreck.

Keeping Up with My Dental Visits Helps Me Keep My Megawatt Smile

I was complimented recently for my smile. The person was impressed with my straight shiny white teeth. They said my smile really does light up a room. My parents made sure I saw our dentist in Tracy once every six months like clockwork. They would not wait a year. I got cleanings twice per year along with a full exam. I have had braces and resin fillings over the years. I even ended up needing one tooth implant. You cannot tell it from my own teeth. This is why I have such a nice smile.

Now as an adult I do not let my teeth go. I get my twice annual cleaning and exam.