Addiction Recovery Requires Self-awareness and aFamily Support

Addiction is a disease that results in hundreds of thousands of overdoses and deaths every year. Families around the country struggle with this issue daily. The problem continues to increase and many otherwise healthy and talented people throw away their potential and their futures to the lure of drugs and alcohol. Punishment is not the answer. Tougher drug laws have done nothing to encourage people to quit. The only proven solution is rehabilitation, but only when it is done correctly.

The statistics for treatment facilities have not been positive. Nearly 70 percent of participants quit before reaching the end of the program and only around 30 percent that do complete their rehabilitation are still free from drugs five years later. New research about where rehab centers have succeeded and where they fail has led to many realizations about what all treatment centers should offer. These services were once only luxury rehab benefits. Including them in all rehab centers could result in more lives being saved.

  • Begin stay with a medically-supervised detox program.
  • Nutritional education classes to improve overall health.
  • A variety of exercise classes that help patients to relieve their anxiety and stress.
  • Yoga and meditation classes for additional stress management.
  • Alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage and hypnotherapy.
  • A variety of therapy sessions including group, individual and family counseling.
  • Music and art programs to encourage expression.
  • Specialized counseling and treatment when diagnosed behavioral disorders or other mental concerns contributed to addiction.

Some outpatient programs now offer job and education services at the completion of the program. The counselors work with each patient to help them find work or get the education or training they need for employment. Even with so many different techniques available, it is still therapy and family support that continues to be the most important part of any inpatient or outpatient program. Therapy allows people to understand their feelings better and provides every patient with techniques for controlling stress and fear. Family counseling teaches others how to give the support and love to an addict without enabling their disease. Many recovering addicts will return to their therapist throughout their life to learn additional techniques that keep them in control of their destiny.