I Dared to Be Stupid

I really need to stop taking dares from my friends. We’ve always dare each other to do some things. Somethings these things are a little harmless, and other times they can be a little bit dangerous. The most recent dare I was asked to do by my friends involved a tree. We were walking around and saw a tree on the side of the street. My friends dared me to do a pull up on one of tree’s limbs. I did, and the limb snapped, causing me to fall. After that I needed a Sacramento chiropractic professional to look at my back.

The snapping tree branch caused me to land right on my back. I was lucky that I didn’t hit my head when I came down, or I would have gotten a more serious injury that might have resulted in some stitches. As I hit the ground, my friends laughed at me, but when they realized that I was having trouble getting up, they rushed over to help me up. They walked me back down the street and we got in the car. One of my friends looked up the location of a chiropractor and contacted them to tell them that they would be having a walk in patient.

The chiropractor visit took less time than I thought it would. I’ve been to the hospital a couple of times, and I’ve had to wait quite a while just to get treatment. I’ve even seen people with serious injuries wait around at the hospital. The worst part about that is that they charge you a high price if you go to the emergency room. The chiropractor told me that I would be fine and my back would heal with some rest. Apparently I had fallen in just the right way to avoid a broken bone.