Keeping Up with My Dental Visits Helps Me Keep My Megawatt Smile

I was complimented recently for my smile. The person was impressed with my straight shiny white teeth. They said my smile really does light up a room. My parents made sure I saw our dentist in Tracy once every six months like clockwork. They would not wait a year. I got cleanings twice per year along with a full exam. I have had braces and resin fillings over the years. I even ended up needing one tooth implant. You cannot tell it from my own teeth. This is why I have such a nice smile.

Now as an adult I do not let my teeth go. I get my twice annual cleaning and exam. I do not want anymore extractions. It takes about six months to get an implant after an extraction. It is not bad if you lose a tooth on the side because no one will notice it much. However, losing a front tooth and having to wait would be a problem for me. I guess I am a bit vain about my smile, but I have done a lot of hard work to keep it nice.

I do not even notice my implant. It feels pretty natural. The post going down into the bone gives you that tactile feedback when you chew. It does not feel fake after a while. Sometimes I look at it in the mirror and get it confused with the real teeth in front of and behind it because it looks real. I am careful about drinking soda, coffee and tea to avoid stains. I try not to drink it at all because the coloring can dull the shade of my teeth. I do have a whitening kit, but I only whiten about twice or three times per year. The professional cleanings at six months really helps.