Taking Care of My Back Pain Helped Me Do My Job Better and Get a Promotion

I started out rubbing my neck after sitting at a keyboard at my new job for four hours at a time. The boss had to tell me to get up and go to the bathroom or go for a walk. It is what some of us coders do. We sit and get into a flow of writing and forget about time. Then, over the next few months, my upper back started to hurt even off the job. I knew I needed to exercise more, but at least I was eating right and not gaining weight. An Orland Park chiropractor was helping me with my back problems, and I was able to bring in my portion of the projects earlier than projected. This helped me get a promotion to writing part of the game code I have always been interested in.

My boss is the one who told me about the Orland Park chiropractor. He came up through the ranks writing code for hours at a time too. He said his back hurt pretty much the same as mine, but the chiropractor, exercising and proper ergonomics at his desk helped him. I got one of those ball chairs that make you sit right. It actually made my back hurt for a bit until my muscles got stronger to maintain proper posture. I also got a standing desk, and that actually helps me too. I no longer sit for 10 hours or more a day.

The combination of seeing the chiropractor, getting my cubicle set up for my needs and doing my exercises at least three times per week have given me a lot of back pain relief. I can actually concentrate better on my job, and I am up for another promotion. You have to take care of your health if you want to live out your dreams without pain.