I Needed to Feel Better Quickly Again So That I Could Keep Working

I was home from work one day when a TV ad for a group of Sacramento chiropractors came on the TV. It caught my attention because I was home due to back trouble. I know that my boss was really irritated by the amount of time I had missed at work because of it. I had been afraid that I might lose my job as a result. Due to the pain, I found myself moving very slowly on the couch so that I could sit up, and then I grabbed my phone so that I could call the number in the TV ad to make an appointment. I was desperate because I could not afford to lose my job.

I like to have fun with my friends. I have realized that I’m getting older and my body can no longer take some of the fun things that I like to do. The back issues started after I went to spend the weekend with some friends, and we all participated in a lot of outdoor activities. We spent the weekend water skiing, using jet skis and we even had fun on an oversized water slide that my friend had rigged up on his own. I slipped on the plastic, and I laid there for a few minutes because of the instant back pain.

My boss was fine with me asking to take off a couple of days during the first month that I found myself feeling ongoing pain. However, this continued on for the next six months and he was tired of it. I even started to feel depressed because I feared that he would fire me. When I went to my first chiropractic appointment, I told the chiropractor that I was desperate to not lose my job and that she was my only hope. She said that she hears that from a lot of clients, and she would do her best to make things right for me again.